Tuesday, June 25, 2019

My Startup Journey - Emotion

Fast and furious
We find joy and deep sadness
The startup journey

Any role in a startup can be a roller coaster ride. My first 60 days as a founder has proven to me that it is a fast, furious and deeply emotional ride. Over the last two weeks, I shared a couple of posts on the journey so far. The first post is about the excitement of starting something new and feeling that, despite the many years I have spent helping grow and scale companies, starting my own is an entirely different journey. The second post is about the doubts and feelings of being an imposter that can creep in when you are starting the journey. The third post is about the constant struggle and the insidious idea that maybe I should take the safe route and just nibble. The fourth and most recent post is about the challenge of maintaining perspective and not letting a GSD (get shit done) mindset undermine the sense of progress because of a lack of external validation.

I am at once incredibly invigorated to be doing something new, inspired by the potential to solve an enormous problem and excited to be finally pursuing my dream of building my own company. At the same time, I’m genuinely scared of failing, of making big or obvious mistakes and being judged an imposter or worse, someone who simply can’t get shit done. I’m 60 days in and it’s an amazing ride and well worth the years of anticipation and “someday” thinking. I am reminding myself to pause and enjoy the journey. Whether it is excitement, doubt, risk or just trying to maintain perspective, the cliche’ is spot on: it is all about the journey and not the destination.

I can’t wait to share what we are building with you. We launch this fall. Please take a minute to follow the Olifano company page on LinkedIn for updates and an early opportunity to register for the beta launch.

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