Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Reflections on Growth

From passing showers 

Brief moments to remember 

Reflections on growth

Yesterday it rained in Park City. It rained and then snowed and then rained some more. This morning I walked the dogs in the leftover slush. It is that beautiful time of year in the mountains when everything is growing and the air is fresh and clean with spring. It is also that frustrating time of year when the trails almost dry out enough to get the mountain bike out and then it rains and snows and everything turns to mud again. From hour to hour, and day to day things change.

I have been reflecting a lot on professional growth, both my own and the growth of some of the remarkable individuals I have had the opportunity to work mentor over the years. Professional growth can feel a lot like spring weather. One day, your professional life can be sunny and bright with clearly defined development goals, strong mentors and an ambitious but achievable career plan. It's sunny and bright.

Later that same day, things change. It clouds up and starts raining. Maybe someone moves your cheese or your mentor leaves or that once achievable career plan starts to look more like a muddy trail to nowhere. It's wet and dark.

With all of the wonderful spring growth around Park City, I am reminded that it is not despite the weather but because of it that growth occurs. In our professional lives, it is not despite the challenges of shifting career plans that our growth occurs but because of it. Someone moves our cheese so we find new cheese - better cheese, we lose a mentor but find new ones with fresh perspectives and advice, our career plan turns out to be all wet but we find a new path and a path that is ready to ride. From day to day, hour to hour things change and that is where we grow.

Sometimes, after it been raining we just need to pause and reflect and remind ourselves of the growth to come.

Today, it's sunny.

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