Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Spring and the Opportunity to Grow

The snow melts away 

Ideas like lilies bloom 
The changing seasons

Spring in the mountains is such an inspiring time of year. The snow slowly melts away and the flowers and grass push through the decay of past seasons. The air is fresh and cool and everything feels new. Showers come and go and life all around truly glistens. 

Spring is a wonderful and inspiring season and one that many companies desperately need. Even in startups, the processes and practices and policies can build up like so much snow and bury the innovation and new growth. Too many brilliant beautiful ideas stay buried in the frozen cold for far too long. 

Spring can inspire. Leaders should take a moment to step outside. Take your team. Take a walk in the mountains. Breath in the fresh clean air and new life. Soak up the energy of the warming sun or pause and celebrate the passing shower. Spring can be an opportunity to melt away the cold frozen practices of the past season and create room for the new growth the beautiful and inspiring ideas. 

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