Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Pleasing Everyone

Furry coworkers 
Millennials or Gen X 
Can’t please everyone

Leadership often sucks. The role isn't about being everyone's friend. It's not about being the hero of the story. It's not about pleasing everyone all the time. Leadership is about creating an opportunity for others to do their best work. It's about creating a vision that resonates and inspires and that others will want to work towards. It's about providing the feedback - both positive and constructive - that challenges others to learn and grow and actually do their best work and produce results they didn't believe were possible. It's not always fun. 

Leadership, more often than not, sucks. You can lead with your heart. You can lead with inspiration. You can lead from the front hands on and in the weeds or you can lead from behind with coaching and counseling and encouragement. The hard truth is, the team won't always like you. The weakest performers may hate you. 

Leadership often sucks. The reason to carry on, the reason to maintain faith in the vision, the reason to persist in the face of the grouchy is the opportunity to uncover the greatness of others, to discover through challenge the hidden talent, the rising stars, the future leaders and ultimately to do what others, those that are simply focused on pleasing others, simply can't.  

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