Sunday, January 15, 2017

Keeping Perspective

In the passing storm
and warmth of the setting sun
keeping perspective

I took this photo from the bluffs over looking Mavericks in Half Moon Bay. The storm was passing, the last of the rain creating a brilliant rainbow over the harbor and the sun just starting to warm the cliffs even as it was setting. It was a striking moment alone on the trail, watching chaos pass and peace settle in again. 

I was reminded of this moment after a difficult week at work. The peace and chaos of Customer Success are never far apart. In one moment, your team might create a compelling customer case study, establish new executive advocates and truly enjoy a collaborative working session to set the stage for great new programs. In the next, an important customer might churn, key cross-functional relationships might fracture under the stress of moving quickly and the hard realities of leadership might weigh heavy on your mind. 

The storms fuel growth. In the same way that that the rain is necessary for the coastal grasses to grow, the dark days of Customer Success seed the innovation, collaboration and determination for future success. It can be hard to remember when the storm is raging. It can be hard to imagine the warmth of the sun when the clouds are heavy. But the rain will fade, the growth will come and the future will be brighter for it all.