Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Development is about becoming your best version of You

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Beneath your armor

The best version of yourself
Choose your path you must

Development is not about building robots, stormtroopers or embracing the dark side. It is not about becoming like someone else. It is not about becoming someone you admire or getting the things you want. Development is about finding the best that is within you. It is about becoming the best version of yourself and applying that to the opportunities and challenges you have before you. 

Armor serves a purpose. In our daily struggles, epic or not, it serves to keep us safe from the cheap shots, pettiness and unforgiving world around us. But it serves no purpose in personal development. It is a barrier to discovery, to growth as a professional, to expansion as an individual, to becoming the best version of yourself and seeing what you are truly capable of. As Yoda might say, leave the armor behind you should, learn much you will.

What armor are you wearing? How is it holding you back?

About David Verhaag 

David is the Vice President, Client Experience at Degreed, the lifelong learning platform. Prior to Degreed, David established and scaled the Customer Success function at Kahuna and HireVue and spent eight+ years with SuccessFactors where he led the development of the global Customer Value team. David lives on a sailboat in Half Moon Bay, CA.

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